Nights Like This

“There it was again, this word ‘love.’ Were it an object, I would have held love in my hands and turned it over a million times trying to understand its curves and nuances.  I would have put it in my mouth and tasted from it, shaken it and seen if it made a sound.  Because s it stood now, I couldn’t grasp what love looked like or sounded like or felt like.  Both my lovers knew.  And both of them, simultaneously, were offering it to me.  Did they not realize that I was not capable of giving something I had no understanding of?  Did they not realize they were wasting their time with someone whose heart was so reluctant to beat, it could perhaps touch the periphery of this thing called love but could never take it in let alone give it out?” – Jess

NIGHTS LIKE THIS is the story of Jess, an unapologetic Indian woman in her mid twenties caught between two careers and the attention of two very different women. Trying to write fiction at Starbucks while pretending to study for MCATs, Jess balances her relationship with her live in girlfriend, Anjali and the woman whom Jess meets randomly and believes she wholeheartedly loves, Vanessa. It takes betrayal, heartbreak, and a trip halfway around the world for Jess to find herself at the risk of losing all that ever mattered.

NIGHTS LIKE THIS is a novel about Jess’ heart and its journey to find a place in the Universe.  For anyone who has ever loved or been loved, NIGHTS LIKE THIS is a story like none other.

Published by Riverdale Avenue Books.  Released February 2016. Interview Review for NIGHTS LIKE THIS Interview Interview